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The founder’s statement:

To develop technology, we must first move minds.  To accomplish this we will employ, then motivate, the best American minds available.  We will offer great opportunities to a select few qualified Americans including our veterans.  Many disabled vets are qualified to work in technologies.  We will also explore employing disabled vets to work from their homes.  And we will explore working other “Remote (from their home) “American workers” for telephone customer services.

As entrepreneurs, we all know that POWER is essential for success in any endeavor.  Sirius Global Technologies, LLC will create the Power to carry out this plan, first by hiring the best minds, and then by developing a Master Mind Group (Think Tank) of IT & Quantum & Financial experts.  We will utilize ideas and consulting from this Master Mind Group to develop and fine tune our business, including our services plans, implementation, and marketing.  We will utilize our Mastermind “Think Tank” focusing on every aspect of our business.  Every product, every service and every department, so we will become the best.

We will then combine that Master Mind knowledge with adequate funding and the mature goal oriented company leadership of the best executives in the business.

Our mission: To be “the cutting edge of technologies” as we light the way for the World.

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